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Bulletin: March 5, 2023

Second Sunday of Lent

Listen. Abram listened and, certain of God’s blessing, set out for an unknown future in response to God’s call. Awestruck Peter, James, and John heard a voice from a cloud tell them to listen to Jesus. When we listen to the Lord, we are assured of and find strength in God’s presence. Listening deeply, we perceive the Lord’s call and find the grace to respond to it, finding the assurance we need to live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, even when it is challenging to do so. When we listen, we hear Jesus say to us as he did to the disciples on the mountain, “Rise, and do not be afraid.”


Have you ever taken a long trip with a family member or friend and found yourself talking about the deeper things of life? Given time, the mundane can give way to topics of meaning and purpose. We sometimes speak of our movement through life and faith as a journey. The metaphor of a journey is fitting, since we are not only to make our way from one point to another the way we take a quick trip or a walk around the block—the process of living in faith is one of growth and change over time. On the journey of life and faith, we can find the grace to talk deeply with the Lord and listen to the voice of God, who strengthens us to face the challenges of living as followers of Christ.


It can be hard to grasp that the God of glory and power and undying love is always with us. Truly, this is one of the great mysteries of our Christian faith. Every time we make the sign of the cross, we are reminded of the life that is brought to light in Christ. The very life, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus is evidence of the determination of God to love us through it all. Not only is Jesus proof of God’s love, Christ’s very presence with and within us is an outpouring of that love. This Lent, take time to listen to the Lord and allow what you hear to help you turn away from sin and toward the life and immortality of the Christian disciple.

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