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First Reconciliation
& Eucharist

Enrollments for the 2023-2024 year are closed. Next enrollments open May 2024. 

First Reconciliation & Eucharist

We are blessed to help you guide your children to the sacraments, introduce them to our Catholic faith, and help them deepen their relationship with Jesus.  At Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, we offer a two-year program: students make their first confession at the end of Year 1 and receive their first communion at the end of Year 2.  


For Students to be eligible to enroll in the First Reconciliation/First Communion Program:

  • Children must be baptized.  For children who are not baptized, please refer to the Becoming Catholic page. For any questions contact the Religious Education office.

  • Students must be enrolled in 1st – 9th grade at the start of their program.  For students in 10th grade or higher, he or she enrolls directly into the high school confirmation program.

What to Expect in the Class

  • Children must complete two years of instruction to receive their First Holy Communion

  • Children are required to attend Catholic Mass every Sunday

  • At the end of year 1 students will receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. Students should continue to go to confession regularly. (At least once a month)

  • At the end of year 2 students will receive the Eucharist and should continue to do so every Sunday and holy day of obligation.   

About Reconciliation

Students on the journey to receiving Jesus Christ in Holy communion will spend their first year preparing for the sacrament of reconciliation. In the first year of instruction, students will work towards understanding the relationship between God and Man throughout our salvation History. They will explore the great love that is Jesus and how we, Man- kind, hurt that relationship when we sin, when we choose not to love. We will learn about forgiveness and what it means to be forgiven by others & by God. Lastly, we discuss how the love, mercy, and forgiveness we receive can be used to make the world a better place. At the end of year one, students make their first confession and are invited to continue going to confession as many times as it takes until they become saints!  

About the Eucharist

Students on the journey to receiving Jesus Christ in Holy Communion will spend their second year growing in appreciation and deep reverence of the source and summit of our catholic faith, The Eucharist. Students will explore the importance of being part of the Church as, one body. They will learn that they have a mission, responsibility, and call as a child of God and as part of the Body of Christ. Students learn about the Mass as a place where we come together as one heavenly and earthly family to pray, hear God’s word, and be nourished by the Eucharist. We learn that The Church is our safe haven, meant to restore us each week so that we can go out into the world and spread Christ’s light to everyone! At the end of year two, students make their First Holy Communion and are invited to continue receiving the eucharist as many times as it takes until they become saints!   

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