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Come and See!

Registrations for the 2023-2024 Year
June 1st - August 31st

Introduction to Catholicism

The Church is VERY glad you are daring enough to consider formally joining this strange and beautiful Catholic church that has lasted since Jesus established it 2000 years ago and will continue on until the end times. God has a role for you here. The journey begins exploring topics such as how we can know God, who is Jesus, what is the bible. We spend a lot of time looking at uniquely Catholic topics such as Mary and the Saints, Confession to a priest, Purgatory, and other topics. One of the primary things we do is answer your questions to try to help you along the path. 

For More information Contact Deacon Gary Hunt;

Children’s Catechumenate (CCAT)


Welcome to the Sacramental Preparation Program for the Children’s Catechumenate. Our team is honored and excited to assist your family in joining our Catholic community. It is our joy to walk beside your child on this journey towards becoming Catholic and encountering Jesus Christ in the sacraments. Through CCAT, students prepare for and receive Baptism, first communion, and confirmation. If your child is ready to join this adventure, if your family is ready to find your place in God’s church, then welcome! God has a place for you here. Our goal is to be your family’s guide as you explore the church and grow in your faith.

For Students to be eligible to enroll in the CCAT Program:

  • Children Must be age 7 or older and unbaptized to enroll

What to Expect in the Class

  • Children & Youth must attend 2 years of classes and participate in all Rites to receive Sacraments.

  • Children & Youth are required to attend Catholic Mass Every Sunday

  • Children & Youth are required to select a sponsor that is a practicing catholic, has received all sacraments of initiation, is in a state of grace to receive communion. This Sponsor will accompany students throughout the various rites.

  • Children and Youth will study the lives of the saints and select a Saint to take as their confirmation name.

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