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Liturgical Ministries

Music Ministry

The Good Shepherd Catholic Parish music ministry supports weekend and other masses through joyous and meditative music.  The ministry includes cantors, choirs, soloists, organists, pianists, and other musicians to create a dynamic and varied approach to prayer through music.  The music ministry is continually in a process of renewal and welcomes additional members to join our chorus of praise.  Please contact Fr. Dalton Rogers via email at if you're interested in participating.



The proclamation of the Word of God is truly a service to the Church. Lector/Reader brings the living Word of God to the liturgical assembly.  The ministry of the Word should, therefore, be treated seriously and with great dignity. (GIRM 55)


The Word of God is not merely read during the liturgy. It is proclaimed, yet not with theatrical show.  Effective proclamation involves the delivery of the message with clarity, conviction and appropriate pace.  It demands the ability to evoke faith in others by demonstrating one’s own faith.  Proclamation is a special ministry which presupposes faith.  It also rouses faith in those who hear the Word proclaimed. (LM Intro 55)

Ideally, the assembly should listen to the proclamation of the Scriptures and not read along in a missalette. In the act of communal listening, the worshippers experience not only unity among themselves but also the presence of Christ speaking to them through the Word. Pastors and lectors/Readers need, however, to be attentive to special needs of the hearing impaired. (LM Intro 7, 37)



All liturgical ministers, especially lectors/Readers, must be properly trained for their ministry.

  • Must be in compliance with the Safe Environment volunteer policy of the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish

  • Registered member of the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish

  • The Word requires skill in public reading, knowledge of the principles of liturgy, and an understanding of the scriptures.  Only properly trained lectors/Readers should be scheduled for liturgy.  (GIRM 101, LM Intro 14)

  • Lectors/Readers are fully initiated, practicing Catholics whose lives witness to the Word which they proclaim.

  • A young person who is not yet fully initiated (i.e. confirmed and has received first Eucharist) may be permitted to lector/Reader during a liturgy. Must be currently enrolled in Confirmation classes.

  • Lectors/reader should periodically participate in enrichment programs.

  • All Readers/lectors are expected to be prepared for their ministry. Preparation should be spiritual, scriptural, and practical.  

    • Spiritual preparation involves prayer over the text and reflection on its message.  

    •  Scriptural preparation involves understanding the text.  Practical preparation involves mastering difficult words, learning the right pronunciations and practicing the delivery of the text aloud, ideally in the presence of someone who is able to critique the delivery.

  • Requires arriving in ample time before the liturgy, locating the readings in the Lectionary.

  • It is the responsibility of the minister to find a substitute when unable to serve a scheduled service.

    •  Schedules are made bimonthly with consideration given to the times and availability of individuals ministers.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) is a lay person who has been appointed to assist the priest/s or deacon in distributing Holy Communion to God’s people when there is a shortage of ordained clergy. Extraordinary ministers provide a precious service to the Church in serving during times of need upon request from an ordained minister.
The training and preparation is carefully provided by our Church. Training sessions are offered periodically during the year as needed for new EMHC.  All Trainings must be attended by individuals who desire to be a minister of Holy Communion and are current ministers


Requirements/Expectations to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

  • They must embody values consistent with Christian life, faith, and morals and have a great devotion to the Eucharist and must seek to cultivate holiness through confession, personal prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, and regular Sunday Mass attendance.

  • EMHCs are faithful registered parishioners.

  • Must have received the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation

  • At least 16 years old with sufficient Christian maturity.

  • If married, must be in a valid marriage according to the Catholic Church

  • Must attend all training sessions

  • Requires arriving in ample time before the liturgy.

  • Participate in enrichment programs.

  • Substitute when unable to serve a scheduled service.

    • Schedules are made bimonthly with consideration given to the times and availability of individuals ministers.

  • All Trainings must be attended

  • Must be in compliance with the Safe Environment volunteer policy of the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish

Altar Servers

To be an Altar Server is a special honor and a great privilege in the Catholic Church.  As an Altar Server, you can trace your roots to the order of acolyte, a ministry that once was reserved only for those who were going to be ordained priests! You can look upon being an Altar Server as a special and unique ministry by which you can begin your Christian vocation to spread the word and the love of Christ through your actions and words. Even though it is a very important ministry, it is not difficult, we will help you with the things that you need to know in order to fulfill your commitment.


The server function and role, when conducted with grace and reverence, add significantly to the sacredness of the rituals and help the assembly participate more fully and more prayerfully.  


Typical duties of the server are to carry the processional cross, processional candles, the incense and boat, to assist with the Roman Missal and other liturgical books used in the liturgy, to assist the Bishop with his mitre and crozier and assist in preparing the altar.


Altar servers are needed for both Sunday and Weekday Masses as well as some special liturgies (funerals, baptisms or weddings), and prayer services (Benediction, Stations of the Cross, Rite of Election etc..).


Requirements and expectations of an Altar server.

  • Boys, girls, men, or women who have received the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist

  • Need s to be comfortable in front of people

  • Shows a willingness to learn, understands and appreciates the liturgy, worship, and sacraments.

  • Able to stay focused and avoid distracting movements so as not to draw attention away from the Liturgy (sit straight, feet on the floor, etc).

  • Shows the proper attitude during the performance of tasks with Respect, Reverence, Attention, and Care.

  • Attends training sessions and is willing to take direction. To learn about the structure of the liturgy, including weddings and funerals, and liturgical terms

  • Dresses appropriately

  • Arrive early enough to carry out tasks without hurry and prepares for the liturgy.

  • Must attend all training sessions

  • Substitute when unable to serve a scheduled service.

    • Schedules are made bimonthly with consideration given to the times and availability of individuals ministers.

  • All Adults must be in compliance with the Safe Environment volunteer policy of the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish

Safe Environment

Good Shepherd Catholic Parish. is committed to protecting the safety of all children and vulnerable adults. All of our volunteers are required to complete, before being scheduled to serve, our Safe Environment program.  Click here to learn more and get started!


If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server contact our Liturgist, please contact Patty Call at (559) 734-9522 or email

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