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High School Confirmation

Enrollments for the 2023-2024 year are closed. Next enrollments open May 2024. 

High School

Confirmation Program

About Highschool Confirmation

We are so excited to accompany parish youth as they prepare to encounter Christ in the sacrament of Confirmation! Our team, here at the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, are so proud of every candidate that takes this step to grow in relationship with Our Lord. Our team of volunteers are here to support youth as you grow in spirituality and learn about the richness of our Church. Highschool Confirmation is a two-year confirmation program. Candidates are required to complete  two years of Confirmation preparation before receiving the sacrament

For Students to be eligible to enroll in the High School Confirmation Program:

  • Teens must be baptized.  For teens who are not baptized, please refer to the Becoming Catholic page. For any questions contact the Religious Education office.

  • Students must be enrolled in 10th -12th grade at the start of their program. 

  • Students in 10th grade or higher and looking to receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion will enroll in the High School Confirmation Program. Through the confirmation program, students will prepare to Receive the three sacraments: Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation

What to Expect in the Class

  • Classes will meet on a weekly basis

  • Youth must attend 2 years of classes and to receive Confirmation

  • Youth are required stay for the entire duration of class, this will include Mass.  

  • Youth are required to participate in our Confirmation Retreat

  • Youth are required to select a sponsor that is a practicing catholic, has received all sacraments of initiation, is in a state of grace to receive communion. This Sponsor will accompany students throughout their formation process

  • Youth will study the lives of the saints and select a Saint to take as their confirmation name.

  • Youth are required to participate in a community service experience with their class

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