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Bulletin: April 4, 2021

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Easter Sunday

Alleluia! Christ is risen! Imagine the flood of emotions that Mary of Magdala must have experienced on that first Easter morning. Grieving and yet determined to visit the place where Jesus’ body had been laid, Mary would have been stunned to find the tomb empty. Imagine Simon Peter and the other disciple who, upon hearing Mary’s announcement, ran to see for themselves. On Easter, we hear the story of Jesus’ resurrection as though for the first time, through the account of Mary’s discovery and the testimony of Peter who powerfully shared Christ’s Paschal Mystery. We, too, have come to believe through their faithful witness. We are called to seek what is above, turn away from sin, and live as people who are forever transformed by the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection.


Mary ran to tell Simon Peter and the other disciple that the tomb was empty. No doubt confused and concerned, Peter and the other disciple set aside whatever fear might have occurred to them and ran to see the tomb for themselves. We do not always understand God’s ways. We too are confused at times; our lives are marked by moments of uncertainty, and at times we are afraid. We can learn from Mary, Simon Peter, and the other disciple and step out in faith, trusting that we will find the Lord in the midst of the circumstances of our lives. When life gets complicated, as it often does, the best thing to do is step out, perhaps even run to the Lord!