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Bulletin: March 19, 2023

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Fourth Sunday of Lent

What do you see? Jesus gave sight to a man who was blind from birth. Not only was his physical sight restored, he saw things clearly even though the people around him—religious leaders, his own parents—were blinded by fear. Their preconceived convictions kept them in darkness even while the light of the world stood before them, offering them new sight. Led by the light of Christ, the man who had been blind worshiped Jesus. Samuel looked at Jesse’s sons through the eyes of God and found the Lord’s anointed, not in the older, stronger ones, but in the youngest, David. As we continue our Lenten journey, we resolve to live in the light of the Lord, to see clearly through the eyes of faith and respond by sharing Christ’s light with the world.


Most of us can admit that we’re blind at times—we simply do not see the people and situations around us clearly. We stumble in the darkness of illness or grief and cannot see a way out. We may be blinded by selfishness or self-centeredness. Sometimes we are so caught up in our own lives, we’re blind to the hurt, confusion, and need of those around us. We may look at things through our limited experience and perspective and not understand others’ pain. At times, we choose to remain blind. We fail to see injustice and unfairness, preferring to remain in the dark rather than risk acknowledging and addressing such situations. Like the parents of the man who was born blind, we stay safe and comfortable, even when there is clearly an opportunity to make a difference, to bring light and love to the darkness.


When Samuel met the sons of Jesse, he thought he could see the one the Lord would anoint. He found the grace, however, to see through the eyes of faith and respond by anointing David, who would become the king of Israel. Jesus opened the eyes of the man who was born blind. We do not know how many others’ eyes were opened that day, as they saw Jesus as the source of light and life. We can learn from Samuel and Jesus, bringing our darkness to the light through faith. When we look at life through God’s eyes, we see endless possibility for goodness, holiness, grace, and peace.

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