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Bulletin: September 9, 2018

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time


We fear many things in our world in these times. The words of Isaiah are comforting: “Say to those whose hearts are frightened; Be strong, fear not! Here is your God, [who] comes with vindication; with divine recompense [God] comes to save you.”

Even nature thrives in God’s mercy and love. “Streams will burst forth in the desert, and rivers in the steppe. The burning sands will become pools, and the thirsty ground, springs of water.” We worry a great deal about the state of our beautiful wild places, but here God promises healing of our lands and nature refuges as a reassurance of our own healing from sin and death.

The sin of destruction of our environment, and the serious evidence all around us of storms, wildfires, tornados, rising sea levels, floods, and increasing heat testify to our lack of care for our beautiful earth. But the earth, under God, resists our destructive actions and will warn us of our sin by the ferocity of its weather and wildness.