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Bulletin: March 29, 2020

Fifth Sunday of Lent

As we approach Holy Week, our readings speak of a God who, in the midst of death, brings new life to the people. In Ezekiel, we hear that God will open the graves of the people of Israel, who faced near extinction. In the Gospel of John, Jesus gives new life to Lazarus in a manner that prefigures the resurrection of Jesus. Paul tells the Romans that in Christ, God will not only give life to our bodies after death, but God offers us abundant life here and now. We observe that the external conditions for the people described in these readings did not radically change. Israel was still in exile. Lazarus would eventually face death again. But now God’s presence and power are revealed. Even when our situation in life is difficult and perhaps not likely to change soon, we remember that the Spirit dwells within us.

Please continue through the pages of our digital bulletin for this weekend’s readings and prayers. Join us on our website Sunday for a recording of mass and misa provided by our parish priests.

God bless you and keep you safe during this physical time away from our churches. Our priests are praying for you daily.

Please continue your daily prayers and reading of scripture.

We look forward to your online messages and prayer requests.

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