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Bulletin: June 10, 2018


Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus longs for us to belong to one family in him, through baptism. Today’s readings look at three blessings provided by membership in God’s family: understanding, permanence, and hospitality. In Genesis, Adam and Eve, filled with shame, hide from God. God finds them, of course, and sees deep into their hearts. Before God discusses their disobedience, God shows understanding and tenderness by banishing the creature most responsible for their sin: the serpent. God always understands and protects the members of God’s family. This protection does not prevent suffering on earth, but, as Saint Paul explains to the Corinthians, guarantees our permanent, glorious happiness in heaven. Today’s Gospel reminds us that God wants to welcome all of us into that glory. Breaking all barriers, Jesus assures us he heartily welcomes all who love and follow him. God’s family welcomes, understands, and offers eternal life.