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Bulletin: July 03, 2022

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus sent the seventy-two out to prepare people’s hearts and minds for him. The disciples whom he sent were to rely on the hospitality of those whom they served, and above all, to proclaim the kingdom of God. When they returned, joyful that so many had been healed through Christ’s power, Jesus told them that true joy is to know our names are written in heaven. In other words, we must keep our eyes fixed on the ultimate goal, to be with God for eternity. In the heavenly Jerusalem, we will find comfort and overflowing nourishment. Our hearts will know joy beyond what we can imagine. Saint Paul tells us today that knowing the grace of Jesus Christ changes everything, giving new perspective, peace, and mercy.


Think about a typical day for you. From the time you awake until your day ends, you may be busy, focused on work or family with little time to pause except perhaps a few moments for lunch or dinner. Most of us would say this is an accurate description of life as we know it. And if we are honest with ourselves, we see much good that comes from the attention we pay to the people in our lives and the tasks that we accomplish. We may even be mindful of our call to do these things with and through the Lord as we go about our lives. Yet we must remember that we are also called to higher things. We are in the world but not of it. Our ultimate goal is to be with God for eternity, and all our activities, tasks, and interactions must bear this great purpose in mind.


Jesus sent the seventy-two to proclaim the kingdom of God. They were to show people God’s love by the way in which they lived. They were to travel simply, with only the provisions that were needed, rely on the good will of the people they served, and care for those who were in need. While some of us are called to live as missionaries, visiting places far from the comfort of home, most of us are called to live faithfully in our daily lives, where we are, with family and friends, co-workers, fellow citizens of our local towns and cities, our country, and the world. Whether we go to far-off lands to serve and share Christ’s message of mercy or we serve in simple ways at home and in our local place, we must remember that whenever we reach out to heal, forgive, and show compassion, the kingdom of God is at hand. Christ is with us and will remain with us.

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