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Are You Being Called to Restorative Justice Ministry?

The Diocese of Fresno invites you to discern your calling into the ministry of restorative justice. For those who would like to learn more about ministering to our imprisoned brothers and sisters, we invite you to attend these free upcoming training opportunities.

Introduction of Restorative Justice Ministry

IMAGINE A LAND where children are forbidden, where playgrounds are never built, and where the laughter of little voices is never carried upon the air. Picture, if you will, a horizon of blue sky and cold, gray cement in all directions, punctuated only by an occasional treetop that can never be touched or climbed. Conceive, if you can, a country whose citizens never bear children, yet the census continues to record wild population growth. Consider a society that has banished the use of such diverse items as fresh fruit, chewing gum, and ballpoint pens with clear casings. No taxicabs will