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St. Charles Collections Begin


As many of you saw in last Sunday’s presentation regarding the building of the new church - this project is well on its way to breaking ground. This much-needed project will incur a debt of a little more than $11 million. Part of the plan to pay down the debt will be through a monthly 2nd collection. This allows all parishioners to take ownership of the building of the new church in a tangible way if they are unable to commit to the fundraising campaign.

On the weekend of December 8th & 9th, we will take the 1st of these collections at all Masses. Second collection envelopes will be included in the monthly packets beginning in February for the convenience of those who receive the packets.

We are excited to see this long-awaited project begin to come to fruition as we continually strive to serve the people of Good Shepherd Catholic Parish now and in the future in the best ways possible.

To view a full gallery of architectural renderings of our new church and for regular updates, visit the St. Charles Website by Clicking Here.

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