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Family of Faith Presentations - Learn More About Family Catechesis


Why should you care about family catechesis? Join us for a “Learn More” session. This casual gathering provides an opportunity for you to learn why “A Family of Faith” is the right fit for every family in our parish. Your schedule, your marital status, your children’s learning level...none of these obstacles will stand in the way of your family’s ability to form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in faith, and receive sacraments (if needed).

We can’t wait to see you after mass in the coming weeks!


October 21

  • Serra Center at St. Mary’s Church after 10:30 am Mass

  • Salón Serra Center de la Iglesia de Santa María después de la Misa de 1:00 pm

  • October 28

  • Iglesia San Carlos después de la misa de 8:00 am

  • St. Charles Church, after 10:00 am Mass

  • St. Charles Church, after 12:00 pm Mass

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