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Bulletin: May 13, 2018


The Ascension of the Lord

Celebrating the Ascension of Jesus today, we explore the mystery of Jesus in heaven and on earth. The readings tell us of Jesus being taken up into heaven, and then taking his seat at God’s right hand. This is to describe how Jesus has been given authority above all things, reigning over both heaven and earth. He ascended as a bodily human being, thus bringing a human presence to God’s throne, where he intercedes for us with the Father. Jesus is both far above us as King and Shepherd, and intimately close to us as the human Emmanuel, “God with us.” Jesus desires that we trust him to walk with us and to guide our lives. Ascension is an occasion for us to ponder more fully who Jesus is, and how Jesus invites us to be close to him.


The feast of the Ascension is an opportunity to consider what we think of heaven, and also of earth. Both are God’s creation. What comes to mind when you think of heaven? Heaven has been depicted, by Christians and others, in many ways. These depictions are sometimes far from what the scriptures describe. In the Bible, heaven is less a place one goes after death, and more God’s space that interacts with physical creation, which is described as “earth.” Heaven is quite different from earth, yet also close to earth.

The Ascension teaches us that heaven interlocks with earth most completely in Je