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Ablaze fired up for OnFire at Six Flags

OnFiRE event at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom- Sept 15th

RollerTowne activity day with Parish and El Diamante High School Ablaze

Ablaze High School Catholic Club delivers consistent opportunities, built around fellowship that forms relationships in an irresistible environment.  It shepherds our youth beyond the sacrament of Confirmation to become active members of the church, becoming new disciples.  We will do this by exploring our Faith, embracing fellowship and serving our community.

Did you hear? Christmas time is near! On December 2, we'll meet from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Parish Hall (506 N. Garden St.) for activities and discussion surrounding the season of Advent. We'll also finish planning our Mother Mary Baby Shower Donation Event on Dec. 16. All high school age Catholics are welcome. Come on out!

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