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Esteemed members of our parish community:

We desire for each member of our parish family to share in what God has in planned for all of us.

Our goal is to increase our annual operational budget by raising $1.8 million. As you ask God to unveil your one-time REMEMBER HIM commitment: I am certain that we can meet and even surpass this. With this contribution, we will be able to service our new church loan, meet the expanding requirements of our children and youth ministry, and convert the St. Thomas and Holy Family campuses into well-equipped catechetical centers.

As a result of you coming alongside with your REMEMBER HIM one-time commitment to the Lord, here is what we want to accomplish.

We will...

  • Increase our Annual operating budget to handle the debt service of our church loan.

  • Build a strong ministry for our children and young people.

  • Complete the transformation of both St. Thomas and Holy Family sites as well-equipped catechetical centers.


Every day, God invites us into his presence to worship him. In doing so we experience his life changing grace. The joy of this grace filled exchange inspires us to invite others to experience the same. Inevitably, this step of faith transforms us, our church, and the world around us.


This is truly an exciting time for all of us here at our parish with this our brand new and awe inspiring worship space. Our God is the God of the impossible and his miraculous works leave us in awe again and again. All we can do is say “All glory and praise to our God”, serve his church to the best of our ability, and give back to Him the gifts he has so graciously bestowed on us.


We do all this for the greater glory of God, and the good of all. Please join as we enable our parish to flourish by Remembering Him and spreading his grace across our community, and the world.


Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful.


Your Pastor,


Fr. Alex Chavez


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