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New Church Updates!

Architect to release interior elevations, design team ready to begin work

This March our St. Charles Architect Dennis Townsend and his team have been hard at work, creating the interior elevations of our new church. Drafts are being reviewed by Father Eric and his church committee as well as pre-construction contractors S.C. Anderson.

Once the second draft of these elevation drawings are released, the Church’s Interior Design team will be ready to piece together the details, choosing artwork, lighting fixtures, statues and more.

As the interior designing starts to take shape we look forward to inviting our parishioners to participate in the dedication of pews, windows and other such interior fixtures.

Please continue to pray for all those involved in this process, that they continue to build this sacred place under the will of our Lord, so that we have one place that all Catholics in Visalia and Goshen can congregate to worship as one church for Him.

The Church Committee looks forward to releasing a pre-construction timeline and the sketches of our second-draft of the interior after the committee’s next meeting on April 5.

Please continue to visit us online to stay up to date on the building of St. Charles Borromeo Church.


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