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COS presents Gabriel Fauré - Messe de Requiem

John Sorber

Our Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Music Ministry continually strives to uphold the great traditions of music in our worship, as well as expanding into sharing our musical gifts with the community. This weekend, in lieu of the usual monthly Sunday Salon at the Serra Center, our Core Choir is joining forces with the COS Chamber Singers and COS Community chorus, under the direction of Mr. John Sorber, with a string ensemble and organ to present a concert at Saint Mary’s Sunday, November 4th at 4 pm at Saint Mary’s. Tickets are $10

The concert begins with a series of selections performed by the Chamber Choir, followed by our own Core Choir. Our featured presentation will be the well-known setting of the Requiem Mass by French composer Gabriel Fauré, Messe de Requiem, composed from 1887-1890.

Fauré’s Requiem is unusual in that it exudes a sense of restfulness, humanity and tenderness, which Fauré composed in a conscious departure from the expected painful, morose qualities so often found in requiem compositions. Fauré said his work is “…dominated from beginning to end by a very human feeling of faith in eternal rest…I see death as a happy deliverance, an aspiration towards happiness above, rather than a painful experience…I have sought to escape what is thought right and proper, after years of accompanying burial services on the organ!”

The work is comprised of seven movements: 

I. Introit et Kyrie

II. Offertoire

III. Sanctus

IV. Pie Jesu

V. Agnus Dei

VI. Libera me

VII. In Paradisum

We are delighted to feature this rare opportunity to enjoy the music of Fauré and to embrace our musical history through the Messe de Requiem,and offer it in particular as we commemorate All Soul’s Day Friday, November 2nd.

Our presentation is made possible through collaboration with Mr. John Sorber.