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Bulletin: April 1, 2018


Easter Sunday

At Easter, the Church resumes singing Alleluia at Mass. Our Alleluia celebrates the central events of the Christian faith, and the central turning point of human history. The resurrection of Jesus first revealed the victory of Jesus on the cross. Jesus fulfilled God’s promises to rescue Israel and all of humanity from the effects of sin and death. Easter reveals that God’s new creation has now been launched, with Jesus’ resurrected body as its first demonstration. This new creation will be completed upon Jesus’ return, when heaven and earth are fully joined. Right now, in this new Reign of God in Jesus, the Holy Spirit empowers us to join God’s project, to renew all of God’s beloved creation. And Easter reminds us that wherever we are in life, in whatever difficulties or messes we find ourselves, God offers us a new beginning. Alleluia indeed!


Today’s Gospel begins in darkness. Mary of Magdala comes to the tomb before dawn. She, then the two disciples, see the empty tomb, and are amazed and terrified. The passage stops before Jesus first appears, which allows us to pause and more fully notice their disorientation and confusion.

John’s Gospel has many images of the passage from darkness to light and from blindness to sight. When Jesus cured the blind man in John 9, and raised Lazarus in John 11, their transition to the light was gradual and difficult. The disciples, too, were often slow and resistant to understanding what Jesus was saying and doing, both before and after the Resurrection.