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In view of the current situation with COVID-19, and in keeping with government guidelines, Bishop Brennan has provided the following guidance for our Parish:

MASSES AND DEVOTIONS through March 29 (that Sunday included) All Masses (Daily and Sunday) are to be suspended, unless otherwise instructed. As you know, there are new updates almost every hour, so we will receive further direction as we approach the weekend of the 28th-29th regarding any limitations on the public celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

All other parish activities, including Religious Education Programs are to be suspended for the same duration of time, again pending further notice. All parish operations, to be suspended. The same applies to parish offices. Please keep the offices closed to the public. Only the very basic staff could continue to be in the office. This is at the discretion of the pastor, but hopefully it is limited to the most essential staff members. Bishop wants the faithful to be able to get in touch with someone in the office via phone, whether it's the main number, or cell phone, or after hours number. 


FUNERALS: All funerals, if possible, to be postponed. Gravesides preferred. A memorial Mass can be offered/celebrated at a later time. If a funeral could not be postponed, then limit it to immediate family only, keeping the recommended physical distance while in attendance. 


CONFIRMATIONS: All confirmations scheduled to take place through March 29th will be POSTPONED/ RESCHEDULED.


WEDDINGS: If at all possible, weddings should be postponed. Bishop realizes this may not always be a possibility. In this case, the wedding ceremony should take place with only the celebrant, the bride and groom, their parents, and two witnesses. 


COMMUNION TO THE HOME-BOUND: It can be done with the recommended precautions. If a minister is one in the high risk age group, he/she can refrain from exercising this ministry; it is their choice. Certainly a minister who is sick should not go visit the home-bound. 


Eucharistic adoration: not encouraged, but can be done but with pastor's supervision, ensuring that there is no large group of people gathered for adoration. Those in adoration should maintain the due physical distance ( 6ft away). The place where adoration takes place needs to be disinfected regularly. 


CONFESSION: NO SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION DURING THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME General absolution delegation has been granted to the priests during this time, observing the guidelines for general absolution; the penitent should seek individual confession when the sacrament is available again. 


Continue to pay all employees as if they were working. Some may be working from home.

PARISH OFFICE: The parish offices will be available by phone.


Our Bishop has issued a decree.  This is available in English or Spanish.


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