The specific aim of catechesis is to develop, with God's help, an as yet initial faith, and to advance in fullness and to nourish day by day the Christian life of the faithful, young and old. It is in fact a matter of giving growth, at the level of knowledge and in life, to the seed of faith sown by the Holy Spirit with the initial proclamation and effectively transmitted by Baptism.

Catechesis & Evangelization
for Children

Good Shepherd Catholic Parish Catechesis & Evangelization for Children is dedicated to reverence, respect, responsibility and service as a response to faith and love in Jesus the Christ by offering programs dedicated to receiving the sacraments and ongoing catechesis.

Our office is currently closed to the public.


For information or questions regarding any of our programs, please call the religious education office at 559-733-3929


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First Communion

Welcome to our two- year First Communion program!  We are blessed to help you guide your children to the sacrament of First Communion & First Reconciliation. At Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, First Communion is a two year program available at all four sites within the parish.


In order for Students to be eligible to enroll in the First communion Program Students Must be baptized

  • Children that have not received the sacrament of baptism and are 7 years of age or older will be enrolled in the “A Family of Faith”  program.

  • For children 6 years of age or younger that are not baptized, please refer to our baptism page to begin the process. All children must be baptized before receiving their First Communion.


Students Must be between 1st – 9th grade

  • Once a child is in the 10th grade or older he or she enrolls directly into the high school confirmation program.  


- First Communion Registration is now open for the 2020-2021 school year.
Registration closed.
All Faith Formation Programs will be Online Only

High School Confirmation

Welcome to our two-year confirmation program!  We look forward to accompanying all of our students on their journey toward the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation as they prepare to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


This program is open to high school students who are in 10th-12th grade. The high school confirmation program is offered on Sundays at the Parish Center (closest to St. Mary’s Church) or on Mondays at St. Charles. Our goal through this program is for students to experience growth in spiritual maturity, faith-based fellowship, personal encounters with Christ through the retreat, and other family-centered programming.


At the completion of this two-year course, students will participate in a parish-wide Mass celebrating the Sacrament Confirmation with our Bishop. 


-  Confirmation Registration is now open for 2020-2021 school year.

Registration closed.


All Faith Formation Programs will be Online Only


Ablaze High School Club

Our youth are the future of our church. The Ablaze Club sees the importance in teaching young people to strengthen their relationship with Christ so that they remember to serve Him in all that they do. High School can be tough! This youth-based community offers prayer, encouragement and support for one another as they navigate through a very challenging part of their lives. We encourage and welcome our youth to join the Ablaze High School Catholic Club as they grow in their walk with Christ throughout their high school career.


For more information and upcoming events, visit our website at


Available at the Following Campuses:

El Diamante



A Family of Faith

Our new A Family of Faith program helps to develop strong Catholic families in which children learn the joys of following Jesus Christ through the witness of Christian life given by their parents. The entire family is invited to attend two sessions per month. Our Pastor understands that parental involvement in the faith-life of our children is by far the most important element in ensuring that a child develops into a practicing Christian.


In our second year of the A Family of Faith program, we have opened our class to include all families with children between the ages of 5 and 14. This class even provides an opportunity for participants to prepare for their sacraments.

Learn more about how our program works!


A Family of Faith Registrations are closed for the 2020-2021 catechetical year.


This program has been suspended. We anticipate re-opening for the 2021-2020 catechetical year.




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